Fatima Fertilizer’s “Salam Kissan” Campaign Wins the Prestigious DRUM Award in London, 2023

Lahore: Fatima Fertilizer, a leading name in the fertilizer industry, has once again garnered international acclaim with its groundbreaking “Salam Kissan” campaign, winning the prestigious Drum Award 2023 in London, in the category, “Social Purpose: Social Media”. Titled “Life without Kissan (Farmers),” the campaign aimed to highlight the stark reality of a world without the contributions of farmers. This remarkable achievement underscores Fatima Fertilizer’s unwavering commitment to meaningful social impact and innovation in the realm of digital marketing.

The Drum Awards Festival is an annual lighthouse event for the global marketing community, celebrating excellence in every key marketing discipline. Distinguished as one of the largest in the world, The Drum Awards uniquely elevates teams and their hard work, offering unparalleled recognition within the industry, granting global recognition and international prestige.

In line with this spirit of excellence, Salam Kissan, the flagship initiative of Fatima Fertilizer, goes beyond being a mere project as it reflects the company’s ethos and resolute commitment to supporting and uplifting the farming community in Pakistan. By amplifying voices of farmers and recognizing their hard work and resilience, this achievement reinforces Fatima Fertilizer’s commitment as a pioneer in bringing about positive change and progress in the agricultural sector.

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Rabel Sadozai, the Director Sales and Marketing at Fatima Fertilizer, expressed her deep appreciation upon receiving the Drum Award, stating, “This prestigious accolade is a testament to the collective dedication of my team, the entire Fatima Fertilizer family and the spirit of our nation. It underscores the pivotal role farmers play in the prosperity of our country. We are committed to providing them with an effective platform to engage with policy-makers and to continue our efforts towards a brighter and more sustainable future for Pakistan.”

The Drum Award is a testament to the success of the “Salam Kissan” initiative, which aims not only to uplift the lives of farmers but also to harness digital innovation and technology to modernize the agriculture sector in Pakistan. The initiative, encompassing programs such as Sarsabz Tabeer (Female Farmer Empowerment program), Sarsabz Pakistan (Farmer App), Sarsabz Asaan (Dealer App) and Sarsabz Kahani (Agri Webseries), strives to empower farmers, bridge gaps, and unlock the immense potential of Pakistan’s agricultural landscape for the benefit of all.

Fatima Fertilizer’s win at the Drum Awards 2023 further solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the industry and a beacon of excellence for companies dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

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