Google Maps Adding Features Like Traffic Lights, Stop Signs & Toll Prices

Google Maps is adding much needed features to the improve the service, which include toll prices and more detailed navigation map that shows traffic lights and stop signs. Meanwhile, the company has also updated its iOS app, which adds a variety of new features like pinned trip widgets, direct Apple watch navigation, and integration into spotlight and Siri.

According to the details, Google Maps will start showing estimated toll prices to your destination before you start navigating by gathering this information directly from local tolling authorities. Furthermore, Google Maps will also take the payment method and time of day into account to provide the most accurate information.

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Moreover, Google Maps will also provide an option to avoid routes will toll routes completely by selecting the ‘Avoid Tolls’ option by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of your directions. The service will start showing toll prices on Android and iOS this month for nearly 2000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia, while more countries will be added soon.

Google Maps is also adding more navigational details to the service by showing traffic lights and stop signs along your route with enhanced details like building outlines and areas of interest. The service will also add information like the shape and width or a road, including medians and islands.

The new navigation features for Google Maps starts rolling out to select countries in the coming weeks on Android, iOS, Android Auto and CarPlay. These are not the only changes the company has brought to the service as it has introduced several other features to iOS as well.

Google Maps is adding that ability to access the map straight from the home screen with new widgets. The feature will allow you yo access trips you’ve pinned in your Go Tab right from your iOS home screen. You can see your arrival time, the next departure for your transit trip, and even a suggested route if you’re driving.

Furthermore, Google Maps is making the existing search widget smaller so you can search for your favorite places or navigate to frequent destinations with one tiny tap. These new features will start appearing on the latest version of Google Maps in the coming weeks.

Google Maps is also adding direct navigation support for the Apple Watch. You can also add the “Take Me Home” complication to your watch and tap it to start the navigation home on Google Maps. Additionally, Google Maps is integrating directly into Spotlight, Siri, and the Shortcuts app on iOS. Once you’ve set up the shortcuts, just say “Hey Siri, get directions” or “Hey Siri, search in Google Maps” to access Google Maps’ helpful information instantly.

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