Here’s How the realme 9 Series Will be a Step-up in Your Smart Arsenal

The latest edition of realme’s ever-popular Number Series continues the trend of economically democratizing cutting-edge technology

As a rising star in the world of tech, realme has shown constant commitment to being a tech democratizer for the masses. As a brand, realme is known for being youth-oriented, stylish in design, and having outstanding performance. Bringing cutting-edge technology to a wider audience is a core part of realme’s beliefs which is reflected in its ever-popular number series. The number series has been known as a flagship for the youth and a popularizer of tech over the years. Going back to the realme 3 Pro, realme was a pioneer in bringing 20W Fast Charge to its price segment. This legacy was continued by the realme 5 Series that brought with it a Quad-camera setup. Further down the line, the realme 6 Series gave its display a trendsetting shakeup with a 90Hz refresh rate.

In 2020, the release of the realme 7 Series brought with it the introduction of the amazing Sony 64MP Primary Camera to the price segment. The most recent installment, the realme 8 Series, put the incredible 108MP Infinity Camera into the hands of the masses. The same commitment and passion for technology and modern advancements that is foundational to the number series is embodied by its upcoming era in the realme 9 Series and will serve as a lifestyle upgrade for its users. To really show off the upgrade from the realme 8 Series to the realme 9 Series let’s engage in a little comparison.

On the surface it may seem like the realme 8 Series comes packed with greater camera capabilities than the upcoming realme 9 Series, boasting an impressive 108MP Infinity Camera compared to the 50MP AI Triple Camera that comes with the realme 9i. However, this alone is not enough to assess camera quality as a camera’s megapixel count is not a measure of a camera’s quality rather it tells you how much detail a camera’s sensor can collect. Flaunting a 50MP AI Triple Camera, a 2MP Macro Camera for close-up photography, and a 2MP Black and White camera for artistic shots, the realme 9i is capable of taking pictures that are rich in quality in its price segment. Selfie enthusiasts now have an aid in their quest for the perfect photo with the realme 9i’s stunning 16MP AI Selfie Camera.

The realme 9 Series brings with it a focus on performance to give users a smooth, seamless experience whether they want to run a heavy mobile game or watch a marathon of movies. The realme 9i brings to its price segment the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor which is an exciting prospect for gamers on a budget. Most game developers specifically optimize their games for Snapdragon processors as opposed to others like the realme 8 series’ MediaTek Helio processor. The new Snapdragon processor also brings with it groundbreaking power through a 6nm chipset and has shown a 17% higher CPU clock speed than that of its predecessor. With this addition, the realme 9 series empowers you to dream big with how you use your technology and encourages users to take a leap towards a tech-integrated lifestyle.

The remaining supporting features of the realme 9i are nothing short of impressive. The display comes with a super smooth 90Hz refresh rate, so motion blur is reduced while gaming and navigating through your phone becomes a much smoother experience. Those who are heavy phone-users or have infrequent access to charging spots will be overjoyed with the combination of 33W Dart Charge and a 5000mAh battery found in this handset. The improvement of charging speed over the previous realme 8i’s 18W Quick Charge is about 30%. The massive battery also allows it to exceed the standby time of the realme 8i by over a month.

The realme 9 Series continues to carry the torch of tech democratization handed to it by its predecessors with its range of aforementioned features in order to create an improvement in the quality of life of its consumers. So, tune in for the realme 9i launch event on Monday, February 21, 2022 at 07:00 pm for more information on realme’s upcoming flagship handsets.

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