Hutchison Ports Pakistan Kicks Off Third Annual Go Green Plantation Campaign

Karachi: Hutchison Ports Pakistan kicks off the third year of its tree Go Green plantation campaign, under which 100,000 mangrove saplings will be planted at Sonmani. This effort is a vital part of a broader initiative launched in 2021, where Hutchison Ports Pakistan has pledged to sponsor the World Wildlife Fund – Pakistan (WWF-P) to plant 500,000 mangrove saplings across 250 hectares over five years. This ongoing commitment underscores Hutchison Ports Pakistan’s dedication to a greener, more sustainable future, exemplifying corporate responsibility and environmental conservation.

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Changsu Kim, General Manager & Head of Business Unit at Hutchison Ports Pakistan, highlighted the pivotal role of mangroves in climate change mitigation and marine biodiversity enhancement. “This drive is a testament to our commitment to environmental conservation, community development, and sustainable practices. Beyond its ecological significance, the campaign is poised to act as a catalyst for economic growth, generating numerous green jobs for local communities and labor through the sapling plantation and post care activity.”

Hutchison Ports Pakistan has sponsored WWF-Pakistan for planting 100,000 mangrove saplings annually, including Avicenia, Ceriops, Rhizophora, and Aegiceras, with meticulous monitoring and post-care measures. The last two years have seen an impressive 90 percent success rate for sapling survival, showcasing the effectiveness of the plantation initiative.

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