K-Electric Clarifies Facts on Electric-Shock Related Incidents during Rains

Karachi :- As the torrential rainfall continued to batter the city during Eid days, different electric-shock-related incidents were reported in different parts of the city on 11 and 12 July 2022. In the 7 incidents reported, no broken wire of KE nor any pole of K-Electric was found to be involved. Of these cases 3 were non-fatal.

While providing details about these incidents, KE’s spokesperson said. “At K-Electric, we deeply empathize with the bereaved family of the victims and affectees. However, almost all of these incidents occurred due to reasons beyond KE’s own infrastructure. out of these reported 7 unfortunate cases, 6 do not involve K-Electric’s infrastructure at all whereas in one case affectees got shocked during an attempt to touch an intact and live HT Line.”

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As per media reports, 4 different incidents took place on 11 July. One was in Korangi in which a man named Ali Sher Khan got electrocuted due to damaged wiring inside a shop. In another unfortunate incident in Garden area, two men on a bike received a fatal electric shock from a streetlight pole. Another fatal incident was reported in DHA Phase 6 in which a gatekeeper named Mehboob was electrocuted via privately installed spotlight wire hanging on the grill of a house. A non-fatal incident was also reported in Korangi area in which the victim named Faraz received a shock within the premises of a hotel.

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On 12 July, 3 different unfortunate incidents involving electric shock were reported. One non-fatal accident occurred in Azizabad, F.B. Area, in which the victim named Kashif received an electric shock from the ruptured illegal switch of a streetlight which he was reportedly trying to switch off. Another fatal incident was reported in Mullah Jam Goth, in which the victim Moveed got electrocuted while operating a water pump inside home. The remaining one non-fatal incident that was reported on 12 July involving 4 minors, occurred on the roof of a house which was encroached and compromised the safe distance with electricity Right-of-Way. As per information received, all minors are safe and out of danger. However, the area is highly encroached, K-Electric had also served a proper notice to residents on 01 May 2022 in this regard. As per initial reports about this incident, the minors reportedly tried to touch an intact HT line and received a shock as a result. K-Electric’s infrastructure on the incident site was found completely intact with proper earthing and grounding.

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Additionally, on 11 July, there was a case that emerged from the North Karachi 11-F area, which was initially misreported as electrocution, but later reports indicated that the cause of death was not due to electric shock. KE infrastructure at the reported incident site was found completely intact, and no current leakage was found.

KE’s spokesperson while expressing deepest grief on all unfortunate incidents, also reiterated the importance of following safety measures, especially during rains, so that such incidents can be avoided in the future. The utility’s spokesperson also requested the consumers to ensure a safe distance from electricity infrastructure amid rainfall and urged authorities to take action against illegal extensions and encroachments that violate safe distance protocols.

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