Keh Do gets selected for the Zee5 Global Content Festival

Keh Do –a motivational series written by Junaid Khan gets selected for the Zee5 Global Content Festival

Islamabad:- Keh Do a beautiful narration on life has been nominated for the Zee5 Global Content Festival. A Carrett production in collaboration with Junaid Khan has produced this beautiful motivational video that was released in the midst of the pandemic in 2020.

Written by Junaid Khan and produced/directed by Moiz Abbas Rizvi, Keh Do was released at the peak of the global chaos where lives were getting disrupted left right and center. This is where Junaid Khan along with his enigmatic team came up with this mindful idea of creating content that would heal the mind, body and soul.

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Keh Do is all about how Junaid teaches us on how to remain positive and happy and the power of all this is in our mind. How positive thinking can change and make a difference and help one achieve the heights of mental peace and serenity. He talks about how from a shy and timid child he became who he is now and how he conquered his fears and hurdles. And this is exactly what makes the video inspirational and motivational all at the same time.

Shot in the most beautiful manner the words and the visuals both preach the same message as this video has immense healing powers. “I was very happy to find out that Keh Do has been selected for the Zee5 Global Content Festival. Even if I get to touch one life from this video and inspire someone then that would be the best thing ever. Because after all it takes a village – to make the world a better place”.

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