Likee launches subscription feature SuperFollow for content creators

Not too long ago, the idea that users would be able to pay to watch movies or listen to music on the go from the Internet was inconceivable. Entertainment needs were met by movie rental stores, complete with pirated music CDs and always up to date with the latest releases. It seemed challenging to accept the looming digital change despite the accelerated demise of the old model.

Today, however, entertainment has taken on another meaning with streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, and even YouTube. Users now have the ability to fully customize their entertainment experience in exchange for monthly fees, payable directly from users’ smartphones. Subscription-based services are rapidly finding immense popularity in Pakistan, thanks to digital banking and payment gateway facilitation from network providers, especially in recent years.

With the shifting trends in entertainment consumption and the phenomenal growth rate of social media in Pakistan, and thanks to smartphone affordability, content is increasingly taking centre stage – and right there under the big spotlight is a rising star in social media, Likee.
Based in Singapore, Likee is a leading global short video platform that is quickly making its way to the top when it comes to mobile entertainment. In a very short period of time, Likee has made a permanent place for itself in the hearts and minds of content creators and consumers from all walks of life in Pakistan. Staying true to its commitment to revolutionize the way we create and consume content on our mobile devices, Likee has introduced yet another wondrous opportunity – SuperFollow – a subscription-based service for content creators to earn revenue through monthly subscriptions on Likee.

Content creators on Likee can now choose to create exclusive content that is available only to their paying subscribers. Creators in all niches are pioneering the way their audiences consume content on Likee, and rapidly filling the empty cultural space created by traditional media. With SuperFollow, local content creators now have the opportunity to create their own success as they build full-time careers on one of the most downloaded apps in the regional marketplace.
The new feature, as just started, is only available for handpicked creators and will expand to more creators soon in the future. After qualifying to create monetized content, Likee creators can make their application entry and set their desired monthly subscription price ranging from $0.99 to $49.9 (equal to 174 to 8830 rupees) according to current rules. Creators can start publishing exclusive, monetized content for their SuperFollowers within 24 hours from the submission of their application, if approved. To attract more SuperFollowers, creators are also encouraged to craft their greeting message, select attractive video covers and design the profile accordingly.

Pakistani content creators have displayed extensive appreciation towards the SuperFollow feature. Naintara, an influencer who posts a mix of entertaining content on her Likee account, expressed her views in the following words, “The SuperFollow feature is an amazing addition from Likee as it protects the creative rights of influencers. The response from my friends and followers has been amazing with them liking a lot of videos revolving around my daily routine. I plan to continue creating similar content for my followers so this momentum can continue.”

As the entertainment app of choice for millions of Pakistanis, Likee now is equipped with the tools necessary to challenge traditional television and media, offering the perfect solution in the form of free and paid content – it has something for everyone.

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