Motorola to Break its Fast Charging Record Soon

The fast-charging race between Chinese companies is going strong. We already have more than five brands that have crossed the 100W fast charging mark.

Now Lenovo-owned Motorola is about to join the fray soon as the brand has just teased a massive fast-charging brick on its official social media account.

Chen Jin, the General Manager at Lenovo has shared a new teaser image on his personal Weibo page. The image shows a large 125W charger next to the Motorola brand name and slogan. He says that this charger weighs only 130 grams, which is a lot lower than other 125W fast chargers.

In comparison, Xiaomi’s fast-charging brick weighs 195 grams and Vivo’s adapter goes up to 210 grams. 120W chargers from other brands are in the same ballpark as well.

Hence, Motorola’s new 125W charger is quite impressive, but this comes as no surprise. The brand is quite capable of putting together fast chargers in a light package as its 68W adapter weighs below 100 grams.

However, we can’t help but wonder which Motorola phone this charger is designed for. Most rumors point towards an upcoming Motorola handset codenamed “Frontier”, which is expected to debut the world’s first 194MP camera.

There are not many details available on the Motorola Frontier just yet.

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