PSDF To Lead Skill Development In Koh E Suleman, DG Khan And Rajanpur Under The Koh E Suleman Improvement Project (KISP)

PSDF (Punjab Skills Development Fund) has signed an agreement of PKR 150 million with Koh e Suleman Improvement project (KISP) to lead its skill trainings for residents of Tehsil Koh e Suleman, DG Khan and De-excluded area of Rajanpur. These areas comprise primarily of tribal communities with low literacy levels and until now have had limited opportunities for personal and economic development. During the first phase of this project, 2000 residents will receive training and are aimed to include at least 20 percent female trainees. The residents will gain trainings across four key industries: Light Engineering, Construction, Services and Textiles. The trainings will be the first of their kind in these districts and PSDF will use its skill expertise to equip residents with market-relevant professional knowledge to commence their skill development and open career opportunities for them.

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To mobilize this project, training centres will also be established in the tribal areas to execute the trainings and create ease of access for the residents. A stipend of Rs 3500 monthly, will also be provided to the trainees to facilitate their learning journey.

The on-ground trainings are scheduled to commence in July of this year.  During the contract signing ceremony Maqbool Ahmed (Project Director, KISP) remarked, “We look forward to working with PSDF on this project, PSDF’s expertise in executing quality skills trainings will bring a lot of value for these communities and prepare them to access income-generating opportunities”.  PSDF COO Ali Akbar Bosan also echoed this sentiment, “These trainings are aimed at developing the local resident’s skillsets in professional fields that are growing and employers are actively seeking to hire workers in. PSDF will utilize its experience to ensure that our trainees receive the right technical knowledge and develop valuable skillsets, so they can confidently pursue employment opportunities throughout the country”.

PSDF is the country’s largest skill development fund and has established itself as a skills expert by training more than 500,000 women and men in 250 plus trades.  It has also successfully implemented trainings on behalf of FCDO, World Bank and the Government of Punjab.

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