Site Area Suffers From Zero Gas Pressure Since Sep_Oct Sai Chief Appeals Pm To Play Role In Restoring Gas supply

KARACHI: The Gas crisis has become severe in SITE industrial area Karachi – the oldest & largest industrial zone of the country. The industrial production in the area is affected badly due to extreme low gas pressure, contrary to industry’s requirement by the SSGC since Sep-Oct last year.

The SITE area industrialists have expressed apprehension over the situation stating if industries are not provided gas pressure as per requirement, they will suffer huge production losses besides delay in completion of export orders.

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President SITE Association of Industry, Abdul Rasheed has appealed the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and Minister of State for Petroleum Musaddiq Malik to take notice of non-provision of required gas pressure to SITE industries. He said that industrial activities are already affected due to the current economic crisis and political situation. The non-provision of required gas pressure to industries will prove to be disastrous for the industries and will have a negative impact on the national economy. He added that gas pressure has not improved since Sep-Oct last year.

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Abdul Rasheed pointed out that due to near zero gas pressure, the industrial production has stopped in a number of industries while many industrial units are closed. The timely completion of export orders also seems not possible. The SSGC was contacted many times but there was neither satisfactory response nor gas pressure of industries was improved.

SITE President has appealed the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Minister of State for Petroleum Musaddiq Malik to play role in restoration of gas supply at required pressure to SITE industries so as to continue industrial production unabated.

“Due to non-provision of gas, the export orders are likely to be cancelled of which the SSGC will be solely responsible” Abdul Rasheed remarked.

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