‘Smart’ gloves that train surgeons

Sydney: We know that delicate surgical procedures require great skill and proper hand movement. That’s why Australian experts have now developed a glove filled with sensors for medical students to guide hand movements.

Sensors in surgical gloves monitor the wearer’s fingers and movements. They also provide feedback and guidance. It has sensors attached to the wires on the back of the index finger, thumb and middle finger. These are in the form of wires called ‘Energetic Measurement Units’ or IMUs. Thus the total number of sensors or units in a glove is close to nine.

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It has been developed by the University of Western Sydney in Australia and has been tested at Liverpool Hospital. IMU data goes to very small circuits hidden in the back of the glove. This data is transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet, computer or database cloud. Surgery students trained their hands with the help of software and with this information they started learning algorithms correctly.

The entire database of this technology is kept in the form of a catalog which is later used by surgeons. It explains the correct method of surgery that can be used to guide students. On the other hand, these gloves can also be used with augmented reality.

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