Star Pacer Reveals Real Reason Behind Bangladesh Upset in Women’s World Cup

Diana Baig has revealed the reason behind Pakistan’s unexpected defeat against Bangladesh in the recent Women’s World Cup. 26-year-old declared that Pakistan lost the easy-looking contest after underestimating the lower-ranked Bangladesh as an unchallenging opponent.

Answering a question about the upset against Bangladesh in Women’s World Cup 2022, pacer Diana Baig accepted Pakistan’s wrong approach while facing easy opponents. Stating the reason for the unforeseen defeat, Diana Baig said, “Bangladesh has improved greatly in both men’s and women’s game. They play very passionately, so you can never take them lightly.”

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“In both matches against Bangladesh, in World Cup and World Cup Qualifiers, we had almost won the match. We thought that we have won already which is not good attitude as professionals especially against Bangladesh because they are unpredictable. That’s what happened in both games, in the last ten overs they turned the game,” she added.

Further talking about the change in mindset required to avoid such defeats, Diana Baig said, “In such conditions, we need to change our mentality. We are not a high-ranked team like we usually stand at the 7th or 8th spot. Still, if we see Australia’s approach against us, it is very similar to the way they play against England. They play very organized cricket which we need to learn.”

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Diana Baig went on to reveal the flaw in Pakistan’s mindset while facing weaker teams as she said, “Similarly when we play Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, we should also play against these lower-ranked teams like they are the number one. I, personally, feel like we have this difference in approach. I won’t use the word ‘superior’ but I guess that this difference in our approach is the cause of the failure.”

Pakistan had faced massive backlash after losing to a young and comparatively less experienced Bangladesh in a last-ball thriller. Bangladesh recorded their first-ever World Cup victory as they defeated Pakistan by 9 runs in Hamilton, New Zealand on 14 March 2022.

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