TechAbout CEO Jazib Zaman Achieves The Best Presidential IT Award 2022

On 8th March 2022 at President House Islamabad, President Arif Alvi awarded TechAbout CEO Jazib Zaman with the Best Presidential IT Award 2022 for the third time in a row. TechAbout comes in the top 3 best performers in the IT sector of Pakistan. He recognized the efforts and devotion of TechAbout in filling the gap of technology in Pakistan. Along with President Arif Alvi, Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam also acquainted the TechAbout CEO Jazib Zaman. The world is going through a major transformation from physical reality to virtual imagination. The constant flux of information and major changes in the world economy shows the crucial need to digitize human potential. For over a decade, Pakistan lagged behind other countries, such as India, China, and Indonesia, in implementing technological advancements.

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However, this all changed with COVID-19. Now, Pakistan is in the eyes of world-class IT, eCommerce, and digital businesses. Pakistan is the fresh ground for technological evolution and IT investments. Combining sophisticated technology and human efforts is the key to bringing economic prosperity and financial independence to Pakistan. The Internet economy in Pakistan can prosper with the help of top-notch designers, handpicked writers, and expert website developers.

TechAbout brings a team of experts from various domains, such as content creators, social media marketers, and professional website developers. It has developed its ERP system, CRM, hospital management system, accounting software, International Tech Magazines with the help of its programmers, engineers, architects, designers, and content creators. They work in a team and brainstorm for excellent and unforgettable outcomes for the national and international clients and help to shape the digital economy of Pakistan. President Arif Alvi praises the devotional efforts of TechAbout and its savvy and professional team of computer geeks and expert designers in bringing the ideas into reality.

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Without a crystal-clear vision and unparallel mission, this all would not have happened. TechAbout devotes the efforts of its team to spreading the awareness of technological development in the world through highly selective and most-related technology news. To bring more foreign revenue to Pakistan, they employ their computer geeks and professional nerds in the service of national and international clients.

CEO TechAbout Jazib Zaman leads the team to bring more rapid technological changes in the Pakistan IT industry. In 2020 and 2021, President Arif Alvi hailed TechAbout with the Presidential Export Trophy and Best Software Company Award. CEO of TechAbout Jazib Zaman acknowledged the praise and expressed his mission in the following words, “We will take the Pakistan IT sector to the new heights of development till 2025. A developed and rigorous IT sector would have the potential to surpass 40 billion exports, which are roughly 3.5 billion at a time.”. The team of professional geeks at TechAbout is ambitious and hopeful to lead the efforts to digitize Pakistan rapidly and effectively.

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