TECNO Introduces the World’s First Polychromatic Photoisomer Technology

With changing technologies, mobile phone companies have to rapidly adapt with the fast pace. Some adopt the new technologies, while others bring new technologies to the market. One such example is the premium smartphone brand, TECNO. The brand has announced the World’s First Polychromatic Photoisomer Technology that will prove to be a breakthrough between arts and technology with its new phone design elements.

This new addition shows the commitment TECNO has towards its slogan, “Stop at Nothing”. The brand promised to bring innovations in smartphones, including design, camera, and system with the vision to amplify the value of art and technology. This will be the first time this technology would be applied to mobile phones. With this, a wave of classic art can be expected in the mobile phone industry, bringing users an impressive experience of “light chasing”.

This refined technology of polychromatic photoisomer on the monochromatic back cover of a mobile phone will allow the display of masters of classic art, stepping way ahead of the competitors in the market. TECNO will be the first brand to introduce this in Pakistan as well. As technological products are becoming a trend around the world, TECNO is committed to strive and bring artistic beauty to users in this new style era.

This Polychromatic Photoisomer technology from TECNO consists of 22 steps and underwent 500 iterations of testing, with accuracy reaching nanometer-level. This ensures that it is carefully crafted and rigorously tested to reach exact specifications. The process breaks through the technical limitations of single-color or dual-color discoloration, and realizes for the first time the industry ideal of “making mobile phones not only a technology product, but also a work of art”.

Hence, through TECNO’s polychromatic photoisomer technology, users can enjoy multi-color discoloration of mobile phones in different life scenarios. Transforming from an indoor single-color back cover to an outdoor multi-color experience. TECNO makes full use of the dazzling colors brought by the changes of light and shadow, giving the mobile phone an artistic attribute.

So, TECNO’s global debut of the polychromatic photoisomer technology not only leads the industry for mobile phone design, but also practices its “Stop at Nothing” brand essence. This is going to be a game changer in the global mobile industry.

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