The 10th WEXNET Exhibition to begin on 17th

The 10th edition of Wexnet, which is the country’s largest women entrepreneur exhibition, is going to be held at Expo Centre in Lahore from March 17-18.

The event is being organized by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) where more than 300 unique brands are bringing the country’s best artisans, designers, and leading entrepreneurs under one roof.

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The theme for the 10th WEXNET is “W.E. Experience I.T.” as in the past two years the Covid-19 highlighted the importance of Information Technology (IT) to enhance business resilience and continuity.

As digitizing businesses has become the need of the hour, WEXNET will cover a wide range of I.T. related topics to equip women entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge to help transform their businesses to the ‘new normal’.

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