The way you use a smart band has changed and here is why you would need a larger display and longer battery life

The HUAWEI Band 6 can deliver more than a band and here’s how

Remember a time where smart bands used to be just a thin band that was tightly wound around your wrist? Those with a small monochrome display or a set of LED indicators, or some without either? Those were the days when a smart band served just a few main purposes, keeping track of fitness or few notification alerts. However in today’s connected world we demand a lot more from our trusty wearables, leading to strong health management features and even larger displays with longer battery life. While some of these features are more commonly found on smartwatches, smart bands usually tend to struggle a bit here. This is where Huawei’s newly launched HUAWEI Band 6 comes into play with all of the smartwatch-like features, packed into its more affordable smart band body enabling it do a lot more than just a band.

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But let’s look at what exactly we do differently with our smart bands today. For starters, with more attention being paid to the overall health and fitness, it is more convenient to access this data on the display of the smartwatch itself, as opposed to using a separate app every time. For example if you want to keep an eye on your important health indicators, such as blood oxygen levels (SpO2) at all times. With the HUAWEI Band 6, not only do you get a constant monitoring of these factors, but you can also view it in its large 1.47 inch AMOLED display.


Speaking of large displays, the HUAWEI Band 6’s display sets it apart from other smart bands: the overall large size allows for more screen space and an immersive experience. This means you can view all your notifications, health and fitness alerts and more on your smart band itself, all while not having to spend the extra money for a full-fledged smartwatch

Another feature that you are going to depend on is battery life: While some of us leave devices charging over night or charge them only when needed, there is the risk of forgetting to charge it entirely. Huawei solves this pain point with a long lasting battery life on the HUAWEI Band 6, which can last for two whole weeks on a single charge. Basically this means you don’t need to charge it as much as other devices and you are always ready to go!

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However, even with all these changes, the core purpose of a smart band doesn’t change, which is in fact its fitness tracking capabilities: HUAWEI Band 6 packs in 96 workout modes that are automatically detected and tracked to get accurate data during performance. Huawei also includes the HUAWEI TruSportTM algorithm, which deeply analyzes your exercise capabilities and provides detailed assessments such giving you a more comprehensive report of your progress.

With users today depending more on their wearable devices for being on top of their health and everyday alerts, it is no surprise that key features like display and battery life play a vital role. While smartwatches usually have these features, their price point can make it a costly affair. The alternative is smart bands, which lack said features. However, with the HUAWEI Band 6, you get all the features you would see in a smartwatch, but for the more affordable price of a smart band, making it much more accessible for everyone.

Meta Description: The HUAWEI Band 6 changes how you use a smart bands with its large display and long battery life

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