Urgent Call to Rally Support for Seed Technology Research and Development

Islamabad: Chairman of the Pakistan Hightech Hybrid Seed Association (PHHSA), Shahzad Ali Malik, emphasized the crucial need for ongoing support in seed technology research and development. This will empower farmers across the nation to unlock the full potential of these groundbreaking innovations. Malik pointed out that hybrid seeds have played a pivotal role in enhancing global agricultural production, Pakistan included. Addressing a delegation of progressive farmers, he highlighted the recent revolutionary transformation in Pakistan’s agricultural sector, attributing it to the innovative strides in seed technology, especially in the development and application of hybrid seeds.

He emphasized that the role of seed technology in bolstering agricultural productivity cannot be emphasized enough. According to him, the Guard hybrid rice seed, meticulously crafted through advanced research and techniques, has emerged as a game-changer for Pakistani farmers.

With their distinctive genetic makeup, incorporating desirable traits from various varieties, these seeds empower farmers to cultivate crops that are not only more robust and disease-resistant but also high-yielding, he noted. This resilience not only ensures a consistent food supply but also minimizes the environmental footprint of agricultural practices, he added.

He pointed out that one of the most commendable aspects of these seeds is their adaptability to diverse agro-climatic conditions. They now enable farmers to successfully grow a variety of crops in regions where traditional seeds struggle. This adaptability fosters agricultural diversification, a crucial element for food security, he emphasized.

Furthermore, the increased yield and improved quality of crops resulting from these seeds present a sustainable solution to the escalating demand for food in our ever-expanding population.

Shahzad highlighted that by augmenting crop yields and reducing susceptibility to pests and diseases, these seeds make a substantial contribution to farmers’ income. This, in turn, bolsters rural economies and elevates the living standards of farming communities, he added.

Moreover, the augmented agricultural output fuels the growth of related industries, including food processing and distribution, thereby generating employment opportunities and stimulating economic development, he concluded.

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