Health Asia hosts multiple seminars on health issues

KARACHI: The 20th edition of Health Asia has commenced on Thursday hosting various seminars on critical health issues to discuss the way forward to bring modern practices of healthcare treatment across the country through high-tech infrastructure and innovative technologies at Karachi Expo Center.

The seminar on Digital Health highlighted various efforts of the private sector to provide treatment rural and remote areas in the country with the aid of various devices and support of paramedic staff. The importance of digital health system has increased in Pakistan following the devastation of the floods in all provinces, hence the coverage of digital health should be enhanced at an accelerated pace.

The seminar on Sustainable Health Practices also highlighted the emerging practices in the healthcare in developed countries which should be adopted and available to the masses on affordable basis. The seminar also urged young students to be a part of the healthcare sector to meet the shortage of medical professionals in the country.

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Besides, the seminar on Dental Implant also held focusing to raise awareness among public to avoid the casual behavior of the dental issues.

The seminars urged the medical professionals, government and stakeholders to work in collaboration to control the rising issues of health in the country which seriously cause threats to the lives of the citizens.

Vice President Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan Farhan Anis said the healthcare is the vital sector which is related to lives of the people hence all efforts should be prioritized to support the issues of health and medical industry.

He added that Health Asia provides a platform to all stakeholders of the healthcare sector to address the issues of the public health through constructive discussions and high-technological equipment and tools.

Some of the prominent speakers were Prof. Ikram Deen Ujjan,VC LUMHS, Dr Abdul Bari Khan, CEO Indus Hospital and Dr Nadeem Qamar, Executive Director NICVD.

Nearly 50 exhibitors from 150 different companies are participating in the three-day trade fair including foreign delegates from six countries.

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