Huawei’s David Wang at the Global MBB Forum 2022: Stride to 5.5G, the foundation of the future

Huawei launches the Rural Link solution to enable green sites, site simplification and easy evolution

Pakistan, Islamabad: During the Global MBB Forum 2022, David Wang, Huawei’s Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board delivered a keynote speech titled Stride to 5.5G: The foundation of the future. He noted how, through concerted efforts, the industry has made significant progress and is ready to make the leap to 5.5G. To hit this milestone, Wang called upon all industry players to prepare on all fronts, so that we can move faster towards the 5.5G era and eventually build a better, intelligent world together.
With the intelligent world fast approaching, the rapid changes we are set to experience will all be accompanied by increasing requirements for digital infrastructure. The next milestone we must hit on the path to the intelligent world is 5.5G which will deliver 10 Gbit/s experiences, support hundreds of billions of connections, and help us achieve native intelligence.

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Wang emphasized, after two years of concerted efforts across the industry, 5.5G has seen huge progress and three things have become clear, First, the standardization of 5.5G has been initiated and is right on track, making it more than just a vision. Second, the industry has made breakthroughs in key technologies for 5.5G, and ultra-large bandwidth and ELAA can now deliver a 10 Gbit/s experience. Third, the industry has a clear vision for the IoT landscape. Three types of 5.5G-enabled IoT technologies supported by 5.5G, namely NB-IoT, RedCap, and passive IoT, are developing rapidly and will support numerous IoT connections.

“The communications industry is constantly evolving. 5.5G has been kicked into high gear. Looking ahead, our task is to tackle these five new areas – standards, spectrum, products, ecosystems, and applications. Together, let’s stride to 5.5G and build a better, intelligent world,” stressed Wang.

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At the event day1, the 5G Business Success Summit was successfully held. Peng Song, President of Huawei ICT Strategy and Marketing, delivered an opening speech on “5G Business Success is Accelerating”, and summarized that under the guidance of G.U.I.D.E. business blueprint, building a green and sustainable 5G network featuring ultimate Gigaverse experience, ultra-automation and easy maintenance, collaborative connection and computing services, differentiated multi-dimensional business monetization, and sustainable development. The three-year exploration has enabled carriers to accumulate business success cases and accelerate 5G network monetization, enabling a booming trend of 5G business acceleration.

The mobile Internet becomes more accessible to people and devices, signaling the arrival of a fully connected, intelligent world. In this context, equal access to mobile connectivity for all has become the cornerstone of economic growth. Nonetheless, there are still 450 million people who are not connected to mobile networks, most of who live in rural areas where stable mains power and good transportation are not available.

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At the Forum, Huawei launched the RuralLink solution Through site-level innovations, this solution enables green sites, site simplification, and easy evolution. This makes it possible for operators to build mobile networks that allow for positive business cycles in rural areas while connecting these who are still unconnected. Huawei’s RuralLink solution uses unique innovative technologies to solve the difficulties associated with communications.

Aaron Jiang, President of Huawei Wireless SingleRAN Product Line, noted the significance of RuralLink: “Rural areas have a huge demand for mobile communications. Huawei is committed to providing leading coverage solutions for rural areas. Featuring green sites, site simplification, and easy evolution, RuralLink helps operators bring mobile connectivity to rural areas and expand the benefits of digital connectivity to all.”

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2022 is hosted by Huawei, together with its industry partners GSMA and GTI. This annual forum gathers mobile network carriers, vertical industry leaders, and ecosystem partners from around the world to discuss how to make 5G a commercial success and other hot topics like green development, intelligence, and 5G evolution. For more information, please visit:

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