Pakistani Pop Duo “Hassan and Roshaan” bring back the 90s as Spotify’s latest RADAR Pakistan Artists

Hassan and Roshaan now join the esteemed ranks of RADAR Pakistan’s featured talents, and their exclusive two part mini-documentary promises to provide fans with an intimate look into their artistic journey.

Karachi : Spotify’s RADAR Pakistan, a beacon for emerging musical talents, continues to illuminate the local music scene by featuring the captivating Pakistani Pop songwriting duo, Hassan and Roshaan, in its third-quarter showcase. Based in the vibrant city of Lahore, this talented duo brings a fresh and enchanting sound that melds eastern traditions with electrifying western influences.

Hassan and Roshaan’s music genre, often described as “contemporary subcontinental,” offers a distinctive fusion of traditional Pakistani melodies interwoven with modern western elements. The result is an addictive sound that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

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“We have always felt strongly towards the Pakistani music scene and tried to play our part in pushing it forward in a new direction,” commented Hassan & Roshaan when asked about what this opportunity means for them. They further stated, “Because of that, to be featured as Spotify’s new RADAR artists from Pakistan is not only special due to the fact of the feature alone, it’s also very special seeing our journey mapped out in such a comprehensive way in the RADAR documentary. Really makes us think about how far we’ve come and puts into perspective how far we have yet to go!”

The debut of this effervescent duo was with their album “Chaar Dinon Ka Khwaab” that begins with the track “Allah Hu” which almost instantly gained traction with audiences. The 18-track album was a refreshing addition to the indie music scene in Pakistan.

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The breakthrough moment for Hassan and Roshaan arrived with their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ms. Marvel. Their track “Doobne de (reprise)” was featured in this star-studded South Asian cast mini-series, earning the duo significant recognition and praise. In 2022, they released their biggest hit to date with “Sukoon,” with the iconic Shae Gill, a Spotify EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador, which even featured among the top three highest-performing tracks on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pakistan playlist in 2023.

Spotify’s RADAR program has been instrumental in propelling emerging artists into the limelight, offering them a chance to connect with a broader audience and in some cases get into the eyes of major labels. Khan FM, Spotify’s Artist & Label Partnerships Manager for Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, expressed enthusiasm about Hassan and Roshaan’s inclusion in RADAR Pakistan, saying, “We’re incredibly excited to amplify Hassan and Roshaan as RADAR artists via the two-part documentary on their musical journey. Their music has resonated profoundly with Pakistani audiences, and it’s time to elevate their music to a global stage. RADAR Pakistan continues to be the home for emerging artists across the nation.”

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