“The Award-Winning Marketer Sohaib Hassan joins LUNA Care.”

When organizations invest in senior human capital, they lay the foundation for growth and success, attracting top talent and driving innovation at the highest levels of the company.

We have witnessed an era of brand building in Pakistan’s steel sector, and here’s some news: The SOLID award-winning marketer moves on to his next journey by breaking some myths!

Marketing expert Sohaib Hassan announces their appointment as Senior Manager of Brands & Digital Marketing at LUNA Care. With a reputation for creating impactful campaigns and delivering outstanding results, Sohaib is poised to continue their success at LUNA Care. In their new role, Sohaib will have the opportunity to work with a talented team and bring their unique skills and expertise to the organisation. In addition, Sohaib is eager to share their latest projects and campaigns with the broader community and showcase their expertise in the industry.

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“My 4+ years of the SOLID journey ends at Amreli Steels as I joined LUNA Care (An FMCG company of Sci-Tech International Group) as Senior Manager Brands & Digital Marketing. The award-winning journey will always be in my memories, and I thank Amreli Steels Management for the unconditional support which made it possible. However, as a marketer, most of us aspire to work for an FMCG company; for me, FMCG has always been an inspiration. I am extremely excited and thankful to Team LUNA Care for giving me this opportunity to build yet another brand!” Sohaib Hassan

Sohaib Hassan is Effie, PAS and PDA award-winning marketer who has worked for Amreli Steels Kenwood/ Homage and The Indus Hospital. In addition, he is a dynamic trainer, LinkedIn content creator (46,000 Followers), adjunct faculty of Marketing at KSBL and SZABIST and Co-Founder of Brand & Media Learning Hub (BMLH), one of the most renowned WhatsApp communities of 475+ marketers.

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