This Valentine’s Day Spotify Bring Unique Blend Features for its Listeners to Fall in Love With

Karachi :It’s that time of the year again when people are in search of ways for expressing their love and strengthening their relationship with their loved ones. And Spotify has once again stood up as the perfect sidekick to deliver captivating music for the occasion while also going a step further by revitalizing its Blend feature to deliver uniquely personalized taste match scores for you and yours.

The latest addition to Blend helps you not only create a shared playlist, enabling you to find and Blend with someone you are in tune with, and connecting on a much deeper level, but also helps you discover your musical compatibility with creative badges for the season of love.

Spotify’s Blend offers you the chance to explore your connection with your loved ones in a deeply personalized and carefully curated manner. Simply search for Blend on Spotify and invite your loved ones to it. Once they accept, you’ll unlock your shared playlist, finding a collection of music that you both love. It is a language of music, and a connection that has a mesmerizing feel to it. Hold on though! It doesn’t stop there.

For 2023, Blend offers you a music compatibility score with badges like Discovery Duo, Pass the Aux Pair and Off The Charts based on how well the two people jam as a pair. Each score range comes with a refreshing label. For instance, between 0 – 25%, you get the ‘Relationship Rising’ badge which signifies a bond that is going to shape into something beautiful down the line. 26 – 50% are the ‘Discovery Duo’, 51 – 70% are the ‘Pass the Aux Pair’, 71 – 90% are ‘Made for Us’ and 91 – 100% are ‘Off the Charts’.

With Spotify, it is your time to bring your love to the limelight. Discover your compatibility badge and share it on your socials, raving about the connection that you share. Let the music speak for itself, expressing your emotions to your dearly beloved.

Here’s how:
  • Create: Search “Blend” on Spotify and invite a friend, lover or crush to your Blend.
  • Discover: Once they accept, you’ll unlock your shared playlist and find out your music compatibility score – with badges like “Discovery Duo,” “Pass the Aux Pair” and “Off The Charts

Share: Show off your results on social!

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