WhatsApp Announces Upcoming Email Verification Feature

A chosen group of WhatsApp beta testers is currently receiving prompts to verify their accounts via their personal email addresses. This feature seems to be in the early stages of limited testing, with only a handful of beta users confirming its introduction.

Initial reports about the introduction of email verification emerged, suggesting that the WhatsApp team has been working on an email verification system since August. This fresh verification approach aims to bolster the security of users’ accounts, adding an additional hurdle for unauthorized access.

Although the rollout of this feature is currently limited, we anticipate that the email verification system will become available to all users in the near future. The process seems straightforward: users simply enter their email addresses and await a verification message with no extra steps required.

Other Features

This is not the only feature WhatsApp is working on. The chatting app is also bringing multiple user profiles in a single account soon, the ability to log into an account with an email, skip forwards or backward in a video, pin messages, and send media as documents to preserve quality on iOS devices.

Furthermore, you will also be able to archive community group chats, pin community group chats, start group calls with up to 31 people, message reaction filters for communities, changes to the Updated tab, polls in channels, an updated design for the whole app in iOS as well as Android, and much more.

There is no precise launch date for any of these features, but we know that they’re all coming soon.

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