SAP extends its partnership with Imtiaz Supermarket for seamless operations

Karachi : SAP has joined hands with the biggest retail chain, Imtiaz Supermarket for seamless operations of the latter.

M/s Imtiaz is the biggest retail chain with massive sales and a huge customer base, with almost 14,000 employees, 850K+ customers across Pakistan, and 26 branches across Pakistan.

While the store started off as a small corner shop, it has grown into a retail giant, earning the title of the fastest-growing retail chain in Pakistan.

SAP has offered a one-stop solution to Imtiaz Supermarket, where its solutions will cover not just the basis modules like finance, costing, materials management and sales, but will also provide a specialized module for Retail Management as well as integration with the POS and multi-channel strategy. Based on the growth strategy and expansion plans, Imtiaz has also invested with SAP in the Human Capital Management space where they are expected to cover complete HR lifecycle of Hire-to-Retire and strategic areas under SuccessFactors such as Performance & Goals, Recruitment, Compensation and employee self-services.

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Asher Zahid, CIO, Imtiaz Supermarket, said on the occasion, “SAP’s one-stop solution has enabled us to take advantage of cost efficiencies, and standardization of service with error-free services, allowing the 26 stores to have an integrated inventory, payroll, and automatic alerts for shelving and quality checks.”. SAP Retail, Core and SAP CAR went Live on Dec 2021 while the SAP SuccessFactors implementation is underway.

Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, elaborated on this venture, “This is an important win for SAP in the retail and FMCG industry in Pakistan. To be able to bring the fastest growing superstore chain of Pakistan under our umbrella is a milestone achieved for us.”

SAP solutions have also provided ease in business operations, and increased transparency, with technology embedded across the board. This digital transformation has allowed SAP to provide customized solutions according to the requirements of an enormous retail giant of Pakistan.

Due to its strategic technology implementation, Imtiaz Store proudly stands as the fastest-growing, largest retail chain in Pakistan. The supermarket chain also plans to expand globally, where SAP will play an integral role in its regional and global expansion.

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